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Richard Dodd Completes the Ragnar Relay

As great as life can be I sometimes get complacent and take for granted its many blessings. When this happens, it helps me to shake it up a bit. I have dabbled in the world of running but do not call myself a runner. And yet I like challenges because it takes me out of my comfort zone and allows me a different view of the world.


Recently, I and a group of Auburn friends put together a 12 person relay team and participated in the Ragnar Relay from Miami to Key West. Each person on the team ran three legs that totaled about 16 miles. This was quite an experience for multiple reasons. Living in a van with five other people for 36 hours and trying to function effectively on only four hours sleep was definitely outside of my comfort zone. My two runs during daylight hours were hampered by 87% humidy… it really felt like running in a sauna. The eight miles at night however were absolutely awe inspiring. The stars in the middle keys were so brilliant and this reminded me that life is good … all of the time. We are so incredibly blessed.


Out of the 478 teams that started this 196.9 mile
adventure, my team finished in 373rd place… namely 78% of the teams finished ahead of my team of pretend athletes. But it wasn’t about the race… it was about the journey… it was about reaching inside ourselves and accomplishing the mission… it was about being in the moment and feeling alive, and yes it was about shaking it up and coming out with a new perspective.


My Ragnar experience is similar to construction in many regards. The preparation, planning and ultimate sense of accomplishing a challenging task is very rewarding. At ReliantSouth, we recognize each construction project faces many similar phases. Overcoming project “hurdles” and building high quality buildings that meet our client’s needs and expectations allows us to enjoy with the entire project team a wonderful sense of accomplishment.


For these reasons, finishing a major race is much akin to completing a building  construction project. Make no mistake, we like the finish; we finish strong.  But, there is something to be said about the journey and those "starry nights" along the way!


– Richard Dodd

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