Construction Management

Construction Management is the construction delivery method that is a collaborative process where the owner, architect, and construction manager work as a united team. This method allows ReliantSouth to demonstrate the fundamental areas where we separate ourselves from our peers in the industry. This delivery method engages the services of the Construction Management firm early on, while the project is still under design, so ReliantSouth can assist with constructability reviews of contract documents; plus, assist with scheduling and budget development. During the actual construction, ReliantSouth would then serve as the general contractor overseeing the construction to ensure that the project is built in strict accordance with the plans and specifications.

By involving the ReliantSouth team early in the process, our clients benefit from our wealth of experience and historical cost data. Often, Construction Management contracts include a negotiated fee, thereby removing uncertainty in pricing, which ultimately yields a stronger project team who is striving towards the same common goal of building a first-class facility.