Southerland Family Funeral Home

In October 2018, Hurricane Michael severely damaged Southerland Family Funeral Home.  Anxious to rebuild their facility, the Southerland family turned to ReliantSouth.  After extensive planning and forensic demolition occurred, ReliantSouth began the reconstruction process.  ReliantSouth worked closely with the family and design team to ensure the facility was not only re-built to meet the demands of their prior operations, but also to enhance the building’s architecture and function.  The project was a tremendous success with Mary Sue Southerland stating, “I have never anything that was as professional and pleasant as the rebuild of our funeral home.  There were no surprises.  That is very unusual… I feel a company is only as good as the leadership, which in ReliantSouth is outstanding.  Richard is exceptional.  It is a heartfelt “Thank You” for a job well done”.

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