Emergency Operations Center

The GCSC Public Safety / Emergency Operations Center is truly an exceptional facility and was constructed by the professionals who are now ReliantSouth while working with their prior firm. It was a joint-venture project between Gulf Coast State College and Bay County. The building serves a dual purpose: as a training facility for GCSC’s students as well as the actual Emergency Operations Center for Bay County.


The building was designed by DAG Architects with the latest in structural and audio visual technology. Structurally, the exterior CMU walls, exterior doors and windows were designed to withstand 200 mph winds. The 51,000 square foot facility houses the 911 call system for Bay County as well as an Incident Command Center that will serve as a primary point of command in the event of a local emergency.


Due to the amount of technology, both structurally and audio visually, the coordination between the architect, general contractor, and owner was paramount. Our staff worked with the design team to facilitate the owner’s desires on every level, from the color of the tile on the floors to the state-of-the-art video wall in the Incident Command Center.


Additionally, our team members worked closely with Gulf Coast State College to ensure all required vendors and suppliers participated in the Direct Material Purchase Program. ReliantSouth staff facilitated the entire process to maximize the tax savings for both Bay County and GCSC.


The GCSC Public Safety / Emergency Operations Center is now in full operation and serving the citizens of Bay County. 

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