Advanced Urology

In August of 2020, Advanced Urology determined they needed to expand their practice and purchased a 31,000 sf building that had been significantly damaged from Hurricane Michael.  They recognized that they needed to expedite the design of the project and also hire a construction firm that could ensure timely results.   After interviewing multiple firms, Advanced Urology turned to ReliantSouth.

In order to achieve the physicians’ ambitious schedule, ReliantSouth recommended a “hybrid” approach to the contract delivery method: Design-Build with the Design-Build firm serving as the Construction Manager at Risk.  By utilizing this approach, the practice would then have single point accountability of one (1) firm driving the design process as well as the benefit of continuity through construction.

Once hired, ReliantSouth actively worked with the physicians to refine the design and develop the construction documents.  Meanwhile, in December 2020, ReliantSouth recommended that the roofing scope of work be addressed in the interim as the construction documents were being prepared, to ensure that no further damage occurred to the interior portions of the building that were scheduled to remain.  In March 2021, the construction documents were completed and ReliantSouth mobilized with force to aggressively pursue the interior work and exterior façade work.  ReliantSouth is proud to report that the project was successfully completed due to their focused commitment to deliver solutions, value and trust to its client.

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