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ReliantSouth Construction Group is a full service general contractor headquartered in Panama City, FL. Licensed in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Mississippi. ReliantSouth offers clients comprehensive construction solutions throughout the Southeast. The ReliantSouth team’s diverse portfolio includes retail, offices, banks, schools, restaurants, hospitality, governmental and residential projects.  ReliantSouth is blessed with a rich legacy and is comprised of seasoned construction professionals who have been working together for years.


ReliantSouth's success is driven by our passion for customer service, our collaborative approach and the following core values: 



Client Focus


We will deliver value and solutions to our clients by providing exceptional quality, attention to detail, and extraordinary service. These will be our trademarks as we build mutually beneficial relationships in a collaborative nature.



People Focus


By emphasizing teamwork throughout the process, we will band together in the pursuit of excellence. We will strive for continuous improvement by investing in ourselves and others as we work towards achieving success in all facets of our lives and on every individual project.


Christian Focus


Our faith serves as our anchor. Consequently, we will operate our business and maintain relationships with both honesty and integrity while embracing our civic and Christian responsibility.



Experienced as a General Contractor and Construction Manager, some key attributes of the ReliantSouth team include:

  1. Delivering Solutions … Delivering Value … Delivering Results are key ingredients that ReliantSouth adds to every project.
  2. Our vast experience will certainly help with permitting and getting very aggressive pricing from local and regional subcontractors.
  3. We have built a broad range of facilities over the years in our geographic territory of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia and have a solid reputation.
  4. Our $40mm bonding capacity is evidence of our financial stability. 
  5. Most of our work is for repeat customer, which is evidence of our passion for long term client satisfaction. 
  6. A collaborative approach is utilized on all ReliantSouth projects, which translates into a smoother process.

We are genuinely excited about the future and continuing our mission of *** Solutions *** Value *** Trust *** and serving clients with their construction needs.  We are proud of our long history of customer service, and welcome the opportunity for you to compare us to any other contractor or construction manager in the Southeast United States.  When you are looking for the ultimate in professionalism and integrity, look to ReliantSouth Construction Group.


Let's build the future together.



Contact Info


Construction Group

230 West 5th Street

Panama City, FL 32401

850.215.5540 phone


495 Grand Boulevard, Suite 206

Miramar Beach, FL 32550


CGC 052036 • CGC 1508082 • CUC 056741






230 West 5th Street

Panama City, FL 32401

Phone: 850.215.5540


495 Grand Boulevard, Suite 206

Miramar Beach, FL 32550

CGC 052036 • CGC 1‍508082 • CUC 056741




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